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    Worldwide, wearing a Rolex watches has become a status symbol of successful people. Rolex highly respected all walks of life around the world, have a deeper watch collectors of all ages - or love its precision, or appreciate its elegance, its durability or favorite ...... 1926, Rolex created the world's first waterproof, Dust the table, this is the famous Rolex Replica ;Oyster; table. The so-called Oyster is waterproof device designed to mimic the structure of oysters, with excellent waterproof, dustproof performance. In 1931, Rolex introduced the world's first;Perpetual; table, relying on the swing arm of the potential energy into kinetic energy, without human chain, so called;Perpetual; table. ;Oyster; table and ;Perpetual; was born of the table, laid the Rolex watch industry leading position.